This twenty-year-something-old Maltese Geek has graduated in European Studies and Diplomatic Studies and if I told you where I work, I’d have to kill you.

While not the typical socially-awkward stereotype the outside world would have us believe geekdom is exclusively composed of, I like what I love and often love what I like, including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars, Star Trek, Hellboy, Harry Potter, Avatar (the superior Legend of Aang/Last Airbender series, not the blue-skinned cat people story), Scott Pilgrim, Blackadder, comic book superheroes (from the Big Two and many others), anime, manga, fantasy, sci-fi, the occasional video game and all things geeky.

This blog  collects the rumblings, ramblings and all commentary and thoughts on geek facets of culture I feel like expressing from time to time. I hope you can enjoy them, share them, and feel free to discuss whatever you agree with or otherwise.


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